Helpful Mosquito Control Tips

With some areas of the country reporting record-low spring temperatures, other areas experienced a mild winter. While a mild winter may have been pleasant, the after effects can include a mosquito infestation. This is especially true of spring and summertime rains, which causes mosquito breeding.

Helpful mosquito control tips include the following:

• Birdbaths – While birdbaths make a beautiful adornment to most yards, helping provide much needed water for thirsty birds, they are mosquito magnets. If someone wants to keep a birdbath, it is highly recommended that the water be replaced often, as frequently as every couple days. Mosquitoes require stagnant water for breeding, which is why it’s always good to change and refill water.
• Rain Gutters – Whenever summer rain falls, mosquitoes frequently abound. Summer climates that are warm also breed mosquitoes. Gutters frequently catch debris, making them a holding pond for stagnant rainwater. Gutters should be cleaned a few times each year to help ensure that no stagnant water remains.
• Container Gardening – If standing water accumulates in plant containers, this too can be a breeding ground for bugs and mosquitoes.
• Plastic Covers and Tarps – Often these items are stored outdoors to protect items, but they can also attract mosquitoes with pools of stagnant rainwater. If this is not prevented, this can create a breeding cesspool for mosquitoes, which can frequently multiply. Puddles are also shelters for mosquitoes, so it’s important to keep any areas that create standing water to a minimum.
• Recycling and Trash Containers – Often recycling and trash containers that are left outdoors can accumulate standing water, creating insect breeding areas.
• Trash – Cleaning trash and remove it from around the home will help prevent any unintentional puddles from attracting mosquitoes.

There are a number of good mosquito repellants on the market, including:

• Mosquito Coils – These are inexpensive but often time’s people complain of overwhelming smoke.
• Electric Machines – These are efficient, but only if used on a regular basis.
• Aerosol Sprays – These can be sprayed on occasions when mosquitoes are heavy, but they should be sprayed in a room before occupying the space so the aerosols are not heavily ingested in the lungs.
Creams and Lotions – These are safe for human use and designed to be easy on the skin, helping prevent irritation.
• Mosquito Bats – These are battery operated and can be manually operated.
• Mosquito Nets – These help protect people from mosquitoes while sleeping, allowing for easy bed encasement. The nets should be sealed over the bed to help ensure mosquitoes will not enter. Screens over windows and open doors will also help keep mosquitoes at bay during evening hours.

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