Great Landscaping Ideas to Transform Your Home

Ah, the joys of being a homeowner! One of these is finding pleasure in beautifying your home, to put personal touches in it and seeing other people appreciate what you have done. One way to beautify your home is through landscaping. Landscaping is not just about adding that “wow” factor to your home – it is actually a great investment. It raises the property resale value of your home.

With a beautifully landscaped home, you will find more and more reasons to get outdoors. You can invite friends over for a barbecue picnic, break the monotony and have brunch at the garden, or simply sip your hot cup of coffee while you’re relaxing in your veranda. After all, the outdoor area is actually your outdoor living space, an extension of your home. It will greatly enhance the overall look of your house.

Start with a plan

Great landscaping needs to start with a plan. You should consider some factors when you are in the planning stage:

– Your taste vs. what others may want. If you think you will be selling your home sometime in the future, you should also consider the tastes of prospective buyers. The look that you prefer in your garden may not be something that other people may want.

– Specifics of your house. Look into the size of the garden and lawn, where these will be located and what their exposure to sunlight and moisture will be.

– Specifics of your area. You should also determine the soil type and what plants will work best for the climate you are in.

– Decide which “look” or theme you want. Do you want something that’s modern and edgy, or do you want a classic look for your lawn? Will it be country garden, or oriental? Once you have decided on a “theme”, it is easier to decide on the other items. Of course, the decision on the style of the garden and landscaping should also take into consideration the design of the home. These two should match.

– Choose the design elements. You should make the choices on which plants (flowers, shrubs and trees) to have, what kind of grass to plant, whether you will have lawn furniture, fountains, patios, a gazebo or walkways.

Some Utah landscaping ideas:

Formal garden. These usually feature perfectly shaped topiaries and pruned hedges that form geometric patterns. It also makes use of elements such as a patio, paved walk or pool. This style mostly uses straight lines, as well as clearly defined geometrical shapes. The arrangements of the plants are also more precise and symmetrical.

English garden. Another classic landscape design. This mainly features pergolas, pathways, stone walls, fencing, gazebos and stone archways with flowering and climbing plants. The lawns and hedges should also be well manicured. The English garden will also feature a sculpture or a stone fountain. Some materials used in landscaping an English garden would be natural wood, trellises and fencing that are painted white, gray stone, brick and wrought iron.

Informal garden. Casual and relaxed, this style goes for a more natural look. The informal garden features soft, flowing lines and irregular shapes. Plants are arranged in seemingly random order. It is mainly for country cottages and small houses. This involves random arrangements and positioning of flowers and shrubs, as well as colourful plants. You can also try to achieve a casual look with the use of colourful planters, attractive urns and even rock groupings.

Woodland. This is a variation of the informal garden. This works best if your house and yard is located close to the woods. This style features natural pathways and rockeries lined with evergreen shrubs, trees and native plants.

Tuscan style garden. This transports you back to southern Italy, in the region of Tuscany. This style features the use of heavy wooden beams, old brick, stone, wrought iron and of course, Tuscan plants. You can choose from the following materials to use in a Tuscan garden: decorative tiles made of ceramic (which add a splash of color to a patio), bricks, flagstone, porcelain Saltillo tiles, pebble tile or arto pavers. You can also add terra cotta jars and urns (to be used as planters), wrought iron gates and lighting, as well as Italian ceramic pottery.

Mediterranean style garden. This exudes a relaxed feel and works well with warm climates (and may be advisable for landscaping in Utah). This makes use of ceramic tiles, terracotta, stone and wood garden ornaments. The plants used in a Mediterranean garden include wisteria, roses and ornamental vines. You can also have clipped topiaries.

Moroccan garden. This features an exotic, lush yet relaxed look. This features colored mosaics, Moorish-inspired water fountains, ornate birdcages and lanterns, as well as filigree gates. You can also add hand-carved furniture as accents.

Japanese-style garden. This style aims to mirror the beauty of nature – it exudes a tranquil atmosphere. This features bonsai gardens, rock gardens and oriental accents. There are actually a number of gardens of this type. Water is an integral part of a Japanese garden and may be represented by a koi pond, a pond or by sand and pebbles. You can also opt to have a portion of your yard as a rock garden. This portion of the Zen garden is made by gravel, pebbles and sand meticulously raked and designed to represent the ocean, the mountains and hills.

Contemporary Style garden. This style features bold geometric patterns, vivid colors, and clean, uncluttered lines. It also makes a lot of use of lighting and modern sculptures. Materials commonly used in a contemporary landscape design include gravel, un-grouted tile and stone, as well as pebbles and wood beams in natural colors.

Now, if you don’t want to go with a theme but just want to create a great outdoor space, you can spruce up your lawn with the use of the following elements:

– A lush, green lawn

– A set of planters with flowers and shrubs

– Potted plants arranged according to the slope and size of your lawn

– A bench or other outdoor furniture

– Plants and flowers that draw in butterflies and birds – Butterflies are one of the best ornaments your garden can have! You can also attract birds by adding a birdbath, a bird feeder or a bird house.

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