Front Yard Landscaping Tips

Landscaping a front yard is one of the most important projects a homeowner will undertake. The suitable arrangement of borders, plants, trees and other objects can be a challenging endeavor. Most homeowners want to complete this task as successfully as possible, as the front yard is the part of the home most visible to friends, neighbors and anyone entering the dwelling. Those who want to create an attractive front Utah landscape for their home may wish to consider the following:

Planning a Landscape

The first consideration to which thought must be given when creating a SLC landscaping plan is how the selected landscape will harmonize with the home’s exterior. Textures, colors and materials are all important in this respect. For instance, if one has a brick home, he or she may wish to line pathways and flower beds with bricks. If the home features shutters, one should purchase shrub pots or lawn ornaments in the same color so that a uniform pattern is achieved.

Choosing Shrubs and Plants

When adding trees and Utah shrubs it is essential to remember that they will continue to grow over the years. Therefore, such items should be selected based on their expected size when they are full grown, rather than their size when purchased. Small shrubs and bushes should be placed four to six feet from the front of the home to ensure they will receive adequate sunlight each day. Fragrant trees and plants are an ideal option for front yards, especially those that feature attractive scents such as lavender, honeysuckle or rose bushes.

Border Decoration

Border decoration is a small detail that can have a big impact on a front yard. For instance, if the homeowner has opted for several flower beds, setting them off with decorative landscaping stone is an excellent idea. This will also ensure that the individual flowerbeds will not blend together visually, making the landscape look too wild. Flowerbed borders should be placed where the lawn and flowerbeds meet, and colored; plain or textured stones can be used to design the border. This tip not only works to create an aesthetically appealing landscape, but it helps to prevent grass from growing into the flowerbeds.

The Use of Statues

A well-placed statue can enhance the overall appearance of a home and create the perfect finishing touch for one’s front landscape. When selecting such an object, the homeowner must again take the home’s overall decor into consideration in order to choose the appropriate statue. The figure selected will largely be a matter of taste, but as long as a suitable size is chosen, a statue can be a lovely addition to any home.

There are many of ideas from which a homeowner can choose when creating a front landscape for his or her home. Although some work is required to plan the ideal front landscape, most homeowners will find that such a project was well worth their time when they see the results of their efforts.

Compliments of Erik, representative of Douglas Elliman, NYC Real Estate.

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