Fall Garden Cleanup

Fall is a time where Mother Nature needs a little bit of help from you. To keep your landscaping at its best, you may need to roll your sleeves and get to work cleaning up and clearing out. This will make your work easier when spring comes. Of course, you can always have Utah landscaping companies do the work for you. Allstate Landscaping provides landscaping maintenance services for those lawns and gardens that need a little bit of tender love and care.

Here are some cleaning tips from Utah landscapers:

Cleaning up your flower beds

  • Clean up the fallen leaves, twigs and other fragments in the flower beds. Dig these up to aerate the soil and enable it to absorb more water into the deeper layers. These leaves and debris may carry disease that will only infect your plants if you leave them about. It is especially important to remove any disease leaves. Uproot all spent bedding plants as well.
  • Divide and beautify. While your plants are dormant, rearrange the flower beds to provide balance and improve the aesthetics of your flower garden.
  • Tie your plants down with burlap to protect them against the chill and cold winds.

Cleaning up your lawn, trees and shrubs

  • Remove the fallen leaves on your lawn. If you don’t want to worry about how you can dispose these leaves, you can avail of the leaf removal service of your selected Salt Lake City landscaping company. They can help you with collecting and removing the leaves from your property.
  • Clear up any weeds that may sprout in your lawn. It is best to get rid of these weeds before their seeds drop. These seeds will later be a headache when it results in new weeds in the spring. Firmly take hold of the week near the base and pull it, including the roots. These are not for mulching. Be sure to properly dispose these weeks – far away from your lawn and garden.

Building and repair

  • The cool months of fall are ideal if you want to add decorative elements to your landscape. Consider adding a Utah retaining wall, gazebo, water installation or other decorative items that can add beauty and charm to your landscape.
  • Check for any cracks in the walls, paving and other outdoor stonework. It is best to have these repaired before winter comes.

Other cleaning tips

  • Carefully clean and dry your gardening tools and put them away. Cleaning out your gardening tools will prevent any disease spores from growing. While there is a bit of sun, take out these tools and let them dry under the sun. It is also best to store the tips of your tools in ports containing sand. This will keep moisture out, prevent rusting and help your tools last longer.
  • Remove remnants of gasoline from your lawn mower before storing. Wipe grease onto these to prevent rusting.
  • Before storing hoses and sprayers, drain them thoroughly.
  • Put away any trellises and stakes.
  • If you have a pond, remove the pumps, drain and clean. If there are fish in your pond, it is best to remove them from the pond and keep them indoors.
  • Store away fertilizers and pesticides. Be sure that you have checked whether these have already expired. Any expired chemicals should be safely and properly disposed.
  • Clean out any ornamentals such as garden décor, bird baths and pots. If these are made of cement, clay, ceramic or terra cotta, they are especially vulnerable to cracking during the cold season. It is best to keep these indoors during winter.