The Effects of Rocks and Boulders on Your Landscape

Decorative rocks and boulders add a unique element to almost any kind of landscape design. Possessing a natural, structural beauty and appeal, rocks and boulders can serve many purposes. They can offer function by providing form and usefulness in a landscape. They offer simple, but striking aesthetic options by adding form, color, texture, angles, symmetry, focus, and dimensional beauty. For those minimalists, rocks and boulders are a great option for non-fussy designs and the need for the least amount of maintenance. Landscaping rocks in Utah provide endless possibilities for design.


Rocks can be expertly organized to make retaining walls. A Utah retaining wall is useful for a variety of spaces, whether to provide a type of boundary around a given area, to encircle a patio, to help stabilize a slope, or to create garden terraces.

Rocks and stones can form steps and pathways of diverse design. Flanked by boulders, rock steps and pathways are a remarkable alternative to wood, cement, and other materials.

Water structures work wonderfully with rocks and boulders, which can help to create the shoreline for a pond or create the overhanging and ledges for a Utah waterfall.

Properly chosen boulders can be used as stone “benches,” or to occupy spaces that are otherwise too empty and bare. They can also be used to enliven and add dimension to monotonous areas.

Gravel rock can add design or cover an area. Gravel is quite versatile. It can be molded to any shape easily, can be reshaped easily, and can be moved easily. Gravel can be carefully selected as a mulch in the garden, and is particularly suited to arid plants.

Small rocks offer “softer” alternative to larger rocks, and can be uniquely picked to meet your tastes. Gravel can be the only cover in non-garden areas of your yard, or they can be placed in specific sections of your yard. They can provide the footing of a walkway.


Rock gardens are a special way to create beauty in your landscape. Traditionally inspired by the intricate creativity of Zen monks, a Zen rock garden can introduce an element of peace, calm, and meditation to a special corner of your yard. Using a variety of shapes, textures and colors, you can create just the right effect.

Natural combinations in nature, rocks can be used complementarily with plants and in gardens. There is a very organic and aesthetic appeal given by the strong and hard presence of a rock next to the more delicate and feathery reaches of plant leaves and flowers. Aside from providing structure, helping to create soil pockets or retainers, rocks and boulders can be strewn amongst the flora in your Utah yard in a way that creates proper balance.

Specially placed boulders, particularly of a very commanding size and command, direct immediate attention. When balanced with the right elements, a single boulder can have a very direct impact on the beauty of a design.

Low Maintenance

Rocks and boulders have the ability to help you create a truly special environment of any mood, all with the promise of low maintenance. Rocks do not require feeding, pruning, weeding, or any usual garden maintenance.

When landscaping in Utah, many design options abound with rocks and boulders! All States Landscaping has the expertise to help you with a great selection of rocks. You can choose the color, shape, size, and texture you desire. Go ahead and have fun!