Easy Landscaping Solutions

Not pleased with your yard? Browse this valuable Salt Lake City landscaping guide that highlights a number of simple landscaping solutions!

  • Avoid Invasive Plants – Among the worst offenders are bittersweet, wisteria, English ivy, sweet autumn clematis, ajuga, barberry, burning bush, lantana, butterfly bush, privet, Japanese knotweed, tansy and bamboo.
  • Salty soil? These plants will thrive: ivy geraniums, portulaca, lantana plants, coleus blumei, kalanchoe, daylilies, prickly pear cactus, bar harbor juniper, English ivy plants, lilyturf, Virginia creeper vines, confederate jasmine, flowering jasmine, bougainvillea, rosa rugosa, sumac, winterberry holly, bayberry, oleander, yucca, Norway maples, amur maples, pin oaks, white oaks and red oaks, to name a few.
  • Got rocks? Make a rock wall! Instead of working against native terrain, why not incorporate it into your Utah landscaping theme? Work with nature, not against it.
  • Oh Those Hills – If your yard is plagued by uneven hills and eroding soil, you may consider importing rock, which helps hold back soil and decreases erosion. Better yet, build a retaining wall.
  • Drought – Xeriscapes are excellent for drought-ridden areas. Homeowners may also consider incorporating drought-tolerant perennials and low maintenance Utah shrubs.
  • Wet Areas – Consider installing a French drain or include wetland friendly plants into your yard’s design. Dogwoods are especially beautiful and love to bask in moist, wet areas. The best part is homeowners are rewarded with stunningly gorgeous dogwood blooms, which are sure to be the envy of the neighborhood.
  • Too Shady – Consider planting a shade garden with shade-friendly plants that include flowering dogwood trees, Canadian hemlock trees, red osier dogwood, yew shrubs, impatiens flowers, bleeding hearts, fringed bleeding hearts, hosta plants, lamium, periwinkle vinca, climbing hydrangeas, northern sea oats and fine fescue.
  • Lack of Privacy – Homeowners may want to install a fence, living wall or hedge. Lattice is also excellent for privacy, as plants can easily be incorporated to wind between the open wood slats and create living areas.
  • Pest Control – There are a number of different options, ranging from harmful poisons to all natural solutions. Additionally, companion planting helps solve many pest-related problems, as some plants offer natural forms of pest control.
  • Weeds, Weeds and More Weeds! – Homeowners should take great care to add two to three inches of mulch to their planting beds. This will greatly decrease weeds and helps maintain a moisture barrier around plants delicate roots.
  • Hardscapes – Incorporate permanent fixtures into the yard, such as a deck, patio or arbor. Utah pavers can also add a splash of finesse, helping tie areas within a yard together.
  • Small Spaces – Consider building raised beds to accommodate smaller areas. Whether you desire a garden or a flowerbed, raised areas offer a perfect solution!