Dog Friendly Landscaping

If a yard is dotted with “dog spots,” which are often associated with dog urine, there is a way to curb these unsightly lawn blemishes.

If dogs have free reign of the yard, landscaping adjustments may need to be made. These include:

• Hardscapes – For areas that dogs frequent, it may be beneficial to consider hardscapes instead of grassy areas. These are low-maintenance areas that include masonry and stone, minimizing dog spots, wear and tear and digging. Hardscape additions include crushed stone mulch, drought-resistant plants, etc. It’s best to avoid stone, as it gets hot on dogs paws in summertime.
• Grasses – If hardscapes are not an option, consider switching to a hardier grass that holds up well to high traffic areas. Bermuda grass is an excellent warm-season grass that is extremely durable. Conversely, Kentucky bluegrass is recommended for warm-season grasses.
• Grass Alternatives – While installing different grasses that are designed for high traffic areas is a great way to help improve yard appearance, it won’t completely eliminate dog spots. These spots are often caused by salt and nitrogen that is in dog urine. There are environmentally friendly grass alternatives that include green-type carpets, which includes clover. Clover does not stain in the same manner that grass does, which makes it easier for dog-friendly yards.
Diluting Urine – Rinsing the area with a garden hose can reduce dog spots. By dousing the water, the urine is diluted, which helps prevent unsightly dead spots and stains.
• Dog Friendly Yard Fences – A great way to minimize where dogs frequent in the yard is to build a small fence. By incorporating perennial gardens near a wooden picket fence, this immediately gives the impression of a charming English county garden.
• Wire Cages – By strategically placing wire cages around shrubs and trees, homeowners can prevent dog urine from seeping into the roots and trucks. Chicken wire is perfect for this type of protective caging.
• Paths – Dogs tend to be territorial, so avoid planting paths of plants near a fence line, as this leads to worn dog paths.
• Restrictions – Training dogs to a restricted space will help offer easier yard cleanup. Alternatives to grass include dirt and gravel.

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