Do-It-Yourself Pest Control

As summertime approaches, many people find themselves faced with pest issues. In a desire to eliminate these pests and make homes more family-friendly, people turn to do-it-yourself pest control methods.

Whether someone is facing bed bug control, termite issues, ants, carpenter bees, bugs, animals or rodents, this article serves to help people facing infestations. When people undertake their own pest control measures, it can help them save a lot of money. Many professional pest control exterminators and companies use the same do-it-yourself solutions, charging a substantial amount. Ranging from simple measures to ones that are slightly more involved and complicated, there are a number of methods to help reduce insect and rodent damage.

• Insect Growth Regulators – Otherwise known as IGRs, these are relatively non-toxic to mammals, simply aiding in stopping their growth and development. These are specifically designed for insects, especially fleas and roaches. They are odorless and simply serve to stop the growth cycle process.
• Baits – These are relatively effective in low environment impact areas, helping eliminate and reduce roaches and ants.
• Glue Boards – Non-toxic and easy to use, these boards are ideal for catching insects and small rodents, including ants, rats and mice. Glue boards simply trap the insects in tacky glue, preventing them from further entering a home. Glue boards should be placed in higher-traffic areas and along walls to ensure that they match the insect and rodent traffic pattern.
• Insecticides – Professional strength insecticides include Phantom, Termidor, Optigard Flex and Dominoin 2L. These are especially good for pest and terminate control, proving highly effective for treating terminate and ant infestations.
• Long Lasting – Some insecticides boast long-acting benefits, including Cyper WP and Cyonara 9.7.
• Rodent Control – Traps are still a safe and secure meals of trapping live animals, including opossums, squirrels, rats, mice and even raccoons.

Using safe and effective insect and rodent control will help keep yards looking healthy and well maintained. If people can keep their yards pest-free, there is a great chance pests will not make their beds in houses, which can cause a further infestation problem.

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