Decorative Concrete: Out with the Old, In with the New

Concrete was once just a dull and grey construction material. That has been a reality of the past for several years now – concrete has acquired a new reputation as a versatile designing material. A combination of innovative methods and techniques are now used in the concrete industry to produce truly beautiful effects, you would never guess it was just concrete! Landscaping in Utah is only more exciting with this truly revolutionizing industry.

Some popular techniques used on concrete can include any combination of staining, stamping, coloring, sealing, polishing, and resurfacing. Staining is the collection of techniques using acid-based chemical stains that make concrete resemble marble, wood or any of the natural landscaping rocks in Utah. Stamping concrete is a method of imprinting patterns into concrete causing it to look like other highly textured and patterned materials such as brick, pebbles, tiles, slate, and wood. Concrete’s malleability makes it possible for you to get almost any pattern and look you like.

Color is a fundamental element in decorative concrete design. There are a great variety of colors to choose from, creating endless decorative possibilities for your outdoors Utah landscaping construction, or indoor flooring. Numerous techniques in concrete coloring further diversify your decorative options, with considerations such as high or low intensity dyes, color release agents, integral colors, color hardeners, and more.

Sealing concrete refers to the process of applying sealant to a designed concrete surface. The main purposes of sealing concrete, as you can probably guess, are protection and color enhancement. A concrete decorator must consider a variety of crucial circumstances when selecting appropriate sealants. He will have to consider safety; desired gloss; correct surface temperature for application; and how long the sealant will last in the given environment.

Polishing concrete includes mechanical rather than chemical techniques of achieving high luster and smoothness. Concrete decorators can polish concrete using a surface grinding technique, similar to that used in the stone and marble industry to create a refined and polished effect. The visual effect is akin to the smooth, glossy, luster-full quality that you are probably accustomed to associating with marble flooring.

Another area of decorative concrete application is concrete resurfacing. Using overlays, you have the option of transforming that old, dull, cracked concrete on your driveway to an expensive-looking, vibrant surface with your desired imprint pattern and color. The ground will look entirely new.

You can use decorative concrete to construct sidewalks, walkways, patio floors, driveways, garage floors, basketball courts, steps, and much more in your Utah landscaping project. Indoors, your options continue to be limitless with tons of designer ideas and truly one-of-a-kind and exquisite masterpieces in any room you desire. Decorative concrete can even be applied to non-floor structures like fireplaces and sinks.

One of the most highly regarded landscaping companies in Utah, All States Landscaping offers the competitive service of decorative concrete in this innovative and versatile industry. You can rest assured that All States’ concrete experts, who are fully licensed, will do their jobs with precision, specialization, and efficiency, leaving you in wonder and in awe at the transformation that has taken place before your eyes.