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Decks, Patios and Pergolas

All States Landscaping can help install more than just landscaping. We install an array of custom designed outdoor living structures such as decks, gazebos, shade arbors, pergolas, and much more.

We believe in the installation of an outdoor structure that satisfies the needs of the owner and blends in with the home and its surroundings. Our outdoor structures are not the usual small basic rectangular builder’s norm and occasionally are large multi-level structures with amenities like outdoor kitchens, spas, etc. Every one of these structures is a distinctive and original piece of work. They are truly custom built.

All States wants your needs to be met and therefore designs your landscape and structures after discussing the function you have in mind for your project.

  • How do you expect you will use the area?
  • What material elements would look best in the area?
  • Most importantly, what kind of look do you like and need?

You, your guests, neighbors, and passersby will probably look at your landscape far more than before. After we find out what you need, we can talk about the type and size of your structure. We can explain the pros and cons of each structure and material.

All States can help you create an outdoor living area that incorporates the features you want, meets your functional requirements, and blends comfortably with the house and its surroundings.

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