Dealing with Spider Problems

With summer here, people are starting to look at their yards to see what needs to be done.  Most need a little landscaping help, but many may only require simple maintenance.  This is also the time of year when insects and spiders can come out from hiding and disrupt your peace and quiet.

All States Landscaping offers many different landscaping services that include landscaping maintenance services.  Right now it’s the perfect time for one of their most popular services: spider barrier spray.  Spraying for spiders is best left to pros.

Spider Barrier Spray

This service is all about keeping pests away from the home and the landscaping.  It’s often sprayed on the trees, shrubs, and lawn.  When it’s sprayed around the house, insects, spiders and other pests, such as earwigs, and ants are quickly eliminated and they stay away for months. Homeowners often choose to have their plants sprayed as well to protect them from insect damage.

Lawn Application

All States Landscaping has been helping Utah homeowners keep a healthy lawn for over ten years.  On top of their fertilization services, All States provides a lawn service that kills weeds. Most homeowners sign up for regular lawn maintenance that includes spraying their lawn periodically.

This service makes taking care of your lawn so much easier.  Many homeowners these days are just too busy for scheduled sprayings and maintenance. They aren’t sure which chemicals will work best for spiders or which are better for ants. This can be a very difficult task without the right equipment and products.  Working with All States Landscaping makes it easy for homeowners to enjoy the summer without focusing on maintenance.

Taking care of the lawn and the trees will make the yard look better overall.  Keeping the bugs away from your precious plants can save hundreds of dollars. Keep your lawn and garden looking gorgeous this year with All States Landscaping. We are your Utah landscaping company and we’ll take all the back-breaking labor out of lawn and garden maintenance this year.

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