Custom Concrete Work and Decorative Options

Concrete is actually one of the most plentiful building materials on earth. New technology today allows us to create custom concrete surfaces that resemble a variety of rocks, stone, brick, cobblestone and slate, completely redefining the look of this popular material. This appearance may be created by using a combination of stamped concrete with added colors and finishes for a finished product that looks nearly identical to the more expensive product it is imitating. This allows anyone to have the look of beautiful custom cobblestone driveways at a reasonable price. Utah pavers can easily be added around the borders to add warmth and beauty.

Of course, updating your home with decorative concrete surfaces not only improves the look and feel of your home, it also gives an important boost to the curb appeal and may even increase the value of your home. While plain concrete driveways are still the most common option in many areas, there’s nothing like the look of a home featuring a rich, unique decorative concrete driveway.

These decorative surfaces are a popular choice for driveways, patios, tennis courts, pool and spa areas and other elements in your Utah yard. The materials used to create these decorative surfaces are also more durable and long-lasting than traditional concrete. The coloring itself is achieved by mixing it into the concrete material and is not merely applied to the surface. Using decorative concrete surfaces for your home has the following advantages:

  • Tougher than traditional concrete
  • Resistant to stains
  • Resistant to salt spots
  • Resistant to fading over time
  • Freeze and thaw resistant

More recently, decorative concrete has become popular for indoor use as well. Because it’s attractive, long lasting and affordable, it’s often a better option than natural stonework or tile floors. It can be a beautiful addition to any room of the home as well, not merely the basement. With unlimited color and finish options, decorative concrete is a great choice for hallways, kitchens, living rooms and bathrooms.

Still, traditional concrete surfaces are available for anyone who wants this affordable option for a patio or basement. All States can match new concrete texture and color to existing concrete you have in place, avoiding that awful old/new look. If you’re looking for a cost effective option while remodeling your home or yard, call All States Landscaping to get a free estimate and go over options tailored to you. All States has been providing beautiful, professional Salt Lake City landscaping for many years.