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Comprehensive Water Management Services

While most property owners and managers don’t think about the irrigation system on their property, irrigation plays a central role in determining the health and quality of the landscape. Similar to a poorly maintained human body, a poorly maintained irrigation system often leads to rising water costs, water restriction violations, unhealthy plants and a deteriorating landscape. Unaddressed irrigation issues can also cause damage to hardscape areas and parking lots as well as
slip and fall liability issues.

Selecting a quality landscape maintenance professional can be challenging. That’s why All States Landscaping focuses on the things a lot of others landscape companies don’t.

As your premium landscape service professional, All States Landscaping, provides a proactive approach to your irrigation system. Through the use of state-of-the art technology our team is committed to providing you with a peace of mind that your irrigation system is being monitored and any issues addressed.

Over the years we have worked hard to evaluate and improve our irrigation practices to eliminate inefficiencies and raise accountability. Key to this strategy was to adopt a cloud-based irrigation control technology providing our clients with a higher level of visibility and our irrigation team with unmatched tools to effectively manage your irrigation system.

The most advanced smart water and site management technology is now within your reach.

All States Landscaping Draper Utah

State-of-the-art equipment and 24/7 monitoring and weather-based programming creates healthier, more beautiful landscapes with controllers that are set for site specific sprinkler, plant and soil types, and adjust daily for precise plant needs. Our designation as a Weathermatic Premier Partner allows us to provide the
equipment upgrades and enhanced service as part of our regular service contract.

Save Water – 24/7 weather and system monitoring eliminates water waste. Our systems save an average of 38% and are EPA WaterSense Certified.

Save Money – Protect plants and structures from damage resulting from over/ under watering, reduce liability and avoid fines from watering violations.

Protect People – Avoid liability hazards like icy walkways & roads, dead trees, broken concrete and other structural damage.

System Visibility and Analysis – Asset mapping, verified inspections and repairs and detailed reports that track system performance provide valuable data.

24/7 Remote Access & Alert Monitoring – Instant notification of
issues like stuck valve solenoids, power outages, shorts, breaks and more.

Social Responsibility – Conservation of resources and beautiful landscapes contribute to a more vibrant local economy and global sustainability.

Comprehensive Warranty – No future costs if something goes wrong.

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