Some of the Most Common Landscaping Mistakes

The most successful landscaping projects require a skilled hand and a depth of knowledge. Landscaping involves the use of design, architecture, and botany. Landscaping in Utah in particular requires an understanding of how your home ecosystem and landscape will respond to Utah’s specific geography, climate, and weather. With all of these factors to consider, and depending on the size and technicality of your project, it may save you a fortune in the long run to hire a Utah landscaping company like All States.

Here are just a few of the most common landscaping mistakes people tend to make:

  • Starting out without a plan. Many people commence their landscaping project haphazardly which ends up showing in the finished product. Map out the position and placement of your plants and structures relative to your house and surrounding areas to give yourself the opportunity to see potential problems or think about possible discordance.
  • Landscaping without a sense of design. Color, positioning, symmetry, varying heights, texture, complementarity and matching – these are all part of design. Landscaping design is all about achieving harmony. A Zen water garden theme with a Japanese gazebo, for example, may not be the best match for a house constructed with Victorian architecture.
  • Underestimating how much your project is going to cost you. Creating a budget and list of items you will need will help you avoid the danger of depleting your resources before completing your project.
  • Not factoring in the climate, weather, and seasons. Hot, cold, windy, moist, dry – these all make a very significant difference for the plant life in your landscape, as well as for some of the structures in your landscape. Plan with this in mind.
  • Not planning for maintenance. If clipping back a fast creeper two or three times a week is not what you are bargaining for, consider a different plant. Select Utah shrubs, plants, and trees that you know you can provide optimal care for and that won’t require much more maintenance than you are able to provide.
  • Using the wrong equipment, tools, and products. If you don’t know, ask or do your research. Using the wrong gear or products can cause a lot of damage.
  • Improper pruning. Not all plants respond in the same way to pruning. Pruning requires technical knowledge that factors in the growth habits of a particular plant.
  • Fertilizing incorrectly. Plants respond differently to fertilization; there are also different fertilization products that have specific purposes; be sure to understand the differences.
  • Selecting the wrong plants. It’s important that the plants you select are compatible with the conditions of your landscape. Be sure to gain adequate knowledge of a plant’s needs regarding sunlight, soil quality and type, and water.

All States has been serving Utah homeowners for over 25 years. Offering the best of Utah landscaping companies, they are uniquely positioned to help you transform your environment and meet the challenges of landscaping in Utah.