The Commanding Appeal of Water

Water, unquestionably, evokes responses in all people and ages. Water is a sensory element. It appeals to touch, sight, and hearing to command intrinsic awe and captivation, and often times an overwhelming feeling of calm. Water features mesmerize people. A water feature in your Utah landscaping project would be no small addition. It would create a desirable mood and ambience, and can help you create a rather relaxing atmosphere in any part of your landscape. For all these reasons, no wonder water features are so popular in Utah landscaping.

Your chosen water feature will not only invite oohs and aahs from admiring guests, but may also invite the presence of another kind of special guest: animals! Depending on the kind of water feature in your Utah yard, and the area in which you inhabit, do not be surprised if you receive some feathered guests and furred critters. Your water feature will provide them a place to preen, and bathe, or just to get a quick drink. These small visiting friends may be another added charm to your water feature experience.

Water features can be as simple as a discreet, but attractive, water vase fountain surrounded by simple pebbles; or they can be large, complex, and fancy ecosystems entirely to themselves. When installing a water feature, you must think of the balanced elements you want to achieve. What do you most desire from your water feature, the perfect touch to your own personal sanctuary of peace? Or the hype of a conversation piece at the tip of everyone’s tongue at your dinner party? Once you have decided upon what you want from your water feature, you can begin to fine-tune your list of endless possibilities.

A contemporary theme may feature modernist architectural elements graced by quiet and still pools of water, creating a modern-day landscape of serenity. A pond installation can achieve the same result of serenity with the combined wonders of aquatic plant life, and natural rock designs.

The tumbling rush of water from a high Utah waterfall or the slow and gentle trickle of a waterfall stream may meet your ear and eye’s fancy. Waterfalls, aside from creating delightful sounds, draw attention to the water’s cascading movement.

Water fountains are another great feature that lets you enjoy both the visual and sound effects of water movement. As with waterfalls, they can evoke excitement with stronger water flow and dramatic falls, or evoke a sense of calm with softer water flow that gently slips down surrounding forms. Fountains have the further benefit of coming in a great diversity of structures, many with unique sculptures and statues, elegant engravings or surface graphic designs. For their great diversity, fountains are naturally enthralling and are great to show off.

One exceptionally beautiful type of fountain is the basalt fountain, a fountain shaped from pieces of natural basalt. Basalt is a rock produced by volcanic activity from the sea floor or from lava flows, and has very characteristic traits of dark color and fine-grained texture. Basalt fountains are rather versatile. They come in slabs or sculpted and engraved pieces, with refined and polished surfaces. They may also be worked to leave much of their natural appeal. With their geometrical angles, and naturally compelling stone beauty, basalt fountains are reminiscent of abstract art pieces.

With so many amazing options to grace your home and landscape with the wonder of water, you should acquire design help from one of the best landscaping companies in Utah. All States Landscaping would be thrilled to help you realize your water feature vision!