Choosing a Fence Type in Salt Lake City Utah

Choosing what type of fence is right for you is not an easy task.  There are many different types of fences commonly used in the Salt Lake City Utah area, which in turn have quite a few options within them.  There are two main elements that need to be considered when choosing a type of fencing: function and look.  The function of the fence is usually more important than the look because the fence needs to hold up to its task more than it needs to look nice.  However, the look of the fence is also very important.  A fence should generally match the style of your home in order to be cohesive and attractive.  To help you in your decision process we are going to outline some of the common types of fencing.

Wooden Fencing

This fencing is one of the most popular types.  The fences are constructed with wooden posts that may or may not have space between them.  Two lengths of wood, one at the bottom and one at the top, hold each section of the fence together.

Wooden Fence Pros

This type of fence comes in a variety of styles, including privacy, ranch, and the popular picket fence.  These different styles provide a homeowner with options so they can pick which style best suits their needs and the look of their home.  Another option for this fencing is post caps, which add a little decoration to the fence.  Wooden fences are often considered the most attractive type of fencing, so they are great for decoration as well as function.  They are best at safely keeping small children and pets in a yard.  Depending upon the style, wooden fences can also be good for privacy.  They can be good for blocking noise and providing a visual barrier.

Wooden Fence Cons

Wooden fences are not the best security fences.  The privacy fencing is the best option for security, but metal fences usually are more effective.  Maintenance of these fences can also be a bit trying.  It is generally recommended that the posts be scraped and painted or stained every year or every two years.  Checking for damage or infestations of any kind should be done every few months.  Animals, such as birds, may be drawn to the natural wood, so the fence should also be checked for nests often.

Vinyl Fencing

Often built in a way that is similar to wooden fencing, vinyl fencing comes in several styles that use posts and have two pieces of vinyl beams that hold the sections together.  It is often presented as an alternative to wooden fencing.

Vinyl Fence Pros

This fencing comes in the same styles as wooden fencing, and it also comes in a variety of colors to make matching a home’s style easier.  The fencing is not painted so there is no need to bother with repainting.  The posts hold up against the elements and do not warp, splinter, or rot.  Like wooden fencing, vinyl fencing can be used as decoration.  It is also very low maintenance to put a homeowner’s mind at ease.  They often only require an annual washing.

Vinyl Fence Cons

Vinyl fencing is initially more expensive than wooden fencing before any maintenance costs are factored in.  It can be difficult to change because the fence is made of vinyl.  If a homeowner wants to change the color of their home and their fence they may need to buy new fencing, because the posts cannot be painted.

Chain Link Fencing

This fencing is made of panels of woven steel that are see-through.  The panels can create boundaries of all different sizes and can be arranged in a variety of shapes.

Chain Link Fence Pros

Chain link fencing is considered one of the best types for security fencing.  It is durable and strong while being see-through, so homeowners can see people on the other side at all times.  It is also relatively inexpensive compared to other types of security fencing.  Chain link fencing is great for keeping small children and pets in the yard.  This type of fencing comes in a range of heights and thicknesses, which provides a homeowner with options when they are choosing their fencing.  These fences are also very low maintenance, so a homeowner can simply enjoy the fence instead of worrying about maintenance.

Chain Link Fence Cons

This type of fencing is mainly chosen for its functionality; it is not considered a decorative fence like some other types.  Lighter gauge chain link fencing is not ideal for long term use.  It is not as sturdy as the heavier gauges.

Natural Barriers Fencing

This type of fencing does not use any standard materials.  Instead, the fence is made up of plants or bushes.

Natural Barriers Pros

Using plant life as a fence is best for decoration and privacy purposes.  They often make the space surrounding a home more attractive.  Plants and bushes also work well for shielding a yard from wind.  With a natural barrier fence a homeowner has a lot of options regarding types of plants and color choices, which makes matching a home’s style easier.  This type of fencing is also a great way to go green.  Since a natural barrier fence does not use traditional materials, it generally does not need to follow all of the laws regarding fences.  This means a natural barrier fence can often be taller than standard fencing.

Natural Barriers Cons

Natural barriers are not particularly effective when it comes to security.  During the colder months, depending upon what kind of plant life a homeowner chooses, there may be gaps in the natural barrier.  When the fence is thriving it will also often require more maintenance than some other types of fencing.  The plants will usually need to be watered and trimmed regularly.