Benefits of a Retaining Wall

A retaining wall is used for extra support to prevent the dirt from moving downhill due to erosion. It helps counteract gravity.

They are great for creating terraces on inclined land, which is perfect for a patio. Retaining walls also reduce the speed of ground water, which can help protect your lawn and landscape from flash flood and other water related events.

A professionally designed and constructed retaining wall is the most effective. Absolute precision is essential. It must be level and each level needs to be backfilled in order to provide substance an drainage.

You should consider a retaining wall if your yard has a slope that creates an erosion threat. Your home foundation is threatened by a sliding hill or your yard is so sloped it’s difficult to garden or landscape. Or if you have an uneven yard and you’re looking to create more space.

Let the professionals help design and create a lasting and beautiful retaining wall.