Backyard Landscaping Ideas

Every family wants the perfect backyard, but what that entails isn’t usually the same. When designing any Utah yard, it’s essential to consider how your family will be using it. Whether you’re looking for a quiet spot to escape or an exciting place to have fun, these backyard ideas are great starting points.

Tranquil Escape
Every backyard landscape is designed for tranquility of one sort or another. You can use one or many features to create peace in a space. Water features are popular because they’re not only beautiful, but the sound of a Utah waterfall is soothing and can block out any unwanted noise. Some comfortable seating – such as a hammock, outdoor couch, or even just a lush patch of grass – is essential in any backyard.

Desert Retreat
Whether the climate necessitates it or you simply like the look of a desert inspired backyard, a desert retreat has many benefits. It may not have the foliage traditional of most backyards, but it will still be just as comfortable. Landscaping stone Utah and sand in the style of a zen garden are unique additions to any desert landscape. Like other hardscaping features – covered decks, patios, and walkways –  they require no water at all. Planting succulents and cacti is a practical way of complementing these features of a backyard desert landscape.

Backyard Playground
In most homes, the backyard is the playground for the entire family, or even the entire block. A backyard playground can be as simple as installing a wooden playground and a sandbox. But a backyard playground can have entertainment for adults, too. Consider just how much use a pool would get in your backyard on a hot summer day. A simple pool installation can even be enhanced in the future with extras like a water slide or hot tub.

Outdoor Great Room
While you may not have the space for a true great room in your home, in most cases your backyard will have just enough. An outdoor great room consisting of living area and cooking area is much more than the traditional backyard grilling area. Consider adding plumbing, counter tops, seating, entertainment, and even refrigeration. Jazz it all up with some decorative lighting, landscaping rocks, and anything else your family wants, and you have an outdoor great room to rival the indoors.

Backyard Farm
Decades ago, a yard was nothing more than space to grow your food, and many families are reverting back to that steadfast method. After all, if you’re paying for the land, as well as the landscaping UT, it makes sense to expect something back from it. There are many attractive plants that can be incorporated into a backyard that have the added benefit of being edible. Start out with a few perennials like apple trees – which also provide shade – rhubarb, and raspberries. There are many edible vining plants – including snap peas –  that can provide some privacy when grown on a trellis.

These ideas for backyard landscapes are simply a start; you could take one idea and expand on it, or you could combine aspects of each one. What’s most important is that your family will enjoy it.