Autumn Landscaping Maintenance: Getting All Set for Fall

Fall is about barbecues, Halloween, and falling orange leaves. The cooler weather that fall brings heralds the opening of school and the need to gear up your garden to ensure that it stays healthy throughout fall and winter. Getting all set for autumn will make a big difference to how your garden and lawn will look like come spring and summer.

Here are some helpful Utah best landscaping tips you should remember this fall:

  • Give your lawn that extra TLC. The summer heat may have worn down your lawn. Now is the time to take care of any bald spots that have appeared. Cover these spots with sod and start the process of seeding the lawn, especially on the bare areas.  Overseed these spots, as these new seed will grow better, without competition from existing turf.
  • Planting for Spring. Think well ahead into spring. Plant spring flowers that will blossom by the time spring comes. Prepare the flower beds for these spring beauties. Flowers such as bluebonnets, daffodils and irises need to be planted by November. Cover these with evergreen cuttings, to protect them from the frost and cold.
  • Do some clean-up. During the summer, some plants that have dried up and died need to be removed so that they won’t be home to insects and disease that will then plague your plants in the spring. Your lawn also needs to be clear of leaves, as these can stop water and nutrients from going into the grass roots.
  • Prepare your soil. Now (when the flower beds are cleaned out and free of any plants) is also the time to put some fertilizer. This will boost the level of nutrients of your soil so that it is better able to nourish your plans during the fall and winter. Depending on the kind of land you have, it is usually best to add one that is low in phosphorus but rich in potassium and nitrogen. ½ pound of nitrogen should cover a thousand square feet and provide enough nutrients for plants to flourish in the fall. Be sure not to overdo it, though, since too much nutrients can also delay the dormancy of trees at this time. Also, avoid fertilizing new plantings since this will encourage their growth at a time when they aren’t acclimatized with the cold weather.
  • Battle it out with weeds. Your chosen Utah landscaper can help you get rid of unwanted weeds effectively.  The concern is to get rid of broadleaf weeds and other types of weeds that can compete with your plants for much-needed nutrients.
  • Dig up! Plant bulbs that are not known to flourish in the winter should first be dug up and kept indoors. These include gladiolus and dahlias. Dig these up.
  • Ventilate and hydrate. The process of aerating your lawn will ensure the proper decomposition of thatch and will also ensure the presence of organic soil on the surface. Aerating is done by adding holes into the lawn by removing small portions of the soil. By aerating, you make the soil less compact so that it allows fertilizer and water to penetrate deeper into the root zone. This is also a good time to give your trees and shrubs a rich dose of water – which they will need during the hard frosts. During winter, trees and shrubs have a hard time drawing water from the ground, where water has already frozen. A deep watering will keep your trees and shrubs healthy throughout the winter.
  • Slug it out. Slugs are a major problem in the fall, since this is the time they breed. Rather than using chemical means to get rid of slugs, which can also kill small creatures and helpful bugs, put up a slug trap. It’s fairly easy to make – take a tuna tin (preferably unwashed) and fill it up with beer. Dig a portion of the ground so that the top of the tin is level with the ground. The slugs will come into this trap so be sure to regularly throw away the slugs and refill your trap with beer.
  • Mulch. Check the mulching on your trees and shrubs. They may need renewal. You can put in organic mulches such as composted wood chips or pine needles. The mulching provides a certain level of protection from the cold and prevents other plants from encroaching on the nutrients meant for a tree or shrub.
  • Add Utah retaining walls and other hardscape features. Aside from retaining walls, you can add patios and walkways during fall, so that you can enjoy the whole effect of your landscaping by spring.
  • Get some help. You can avail of one of Salt Lake City’s best landscaping companies, All State Landscaping for your fall garden maintenance needs. A professional landscaper can really make a great deal of difference in ensuring that your lawn, gardens and overall landscape are in excellent shape.