Advantages of Sod & Getting the Perfect Lawn

There is nothing like a manicured, beautiful Utah yard. From walking barefoot through fresh cut grass to watching children play in the backyard, a great lawn is as important to an enjoyable summer with the family as the swing set or grilling outside.

All States Landscaping has over 25 years of experience and offers a number of clear advantages:

  • No need to wait 2 years for a seeded lawn to establish itself
  • Sod can be put down at any time of the year
  • Perfectly uniform lawn
  • Lower watering costs with sod
  • Our sod is wood and disease free

We’ll give you a customized approach to make sure you get the most beautiful lawn possible. Along with a free estimate, we’ll take a look at your land and help you develop a plan for laying down sod. Whether you’re looking to improve the curb appeal of your home in the front or want an entire backyard of durable grass for the kids, All States has options to meet your needs.

We’ll also work with you to discuss the type of grass that’s best for your area, your intended use and your budget. Every variety of grass has its own advantages, disadvantages and preferred growing environment. Here are a few of the top grass varieties we may recommend:

  • Kentucky blue grass. One of the most popular varieties with a rich, beautiful color and excellent resilience to damage.
  • Red fescue. This variety grows very well in shaded areas and remains stable during droughts.
  • St. Augustine grass. This grass variety is popular because it grows fast, has deep roots and holds up well to children and pets.
  • Bermuda grass. With its cold and drought tolerance, bermuda grass is a good choice because it spreads quickly and resists disease.

Finally, we’ll discuss how often your variety of grass needs water, what to do if you find signs of disease or notice your grass starting to turn brown, and what you should do each winter to make sure your grass comes back bright and vibrant in the spring. We can also give you a customized plan with fertilizer, watering and mowing recommendations to ensure your lawn stays beautiful for years to come.

All States meets all your Utah landscaping needs and even provides things like Utah snow removal or landscaping rocks in Utah. We are a full service company that partners with businesses and homeowners to help them get the most out of their property.