10 Tips to a Beautiful Yard Makeover

While most people are on a budget during these tough economic times, it does not mean your yard needs to resemble a war-torn, neglected disaster. All States Landscaping, a Utah landscaping specialist, offers some help tips for affordable landscaping.

Always think curb appeal with houses. Houses with beautiful, well-manicured lawns speak to people, giving them a sense of peace and serenity instead of stress mangled anxiety-provoking weeds. Thoughtful landscaping schemes are a great investment, helping boost a home’s value by as much as 11-percent.

  1. Keeping a list of landscaping materials and supplies will help homeowners stick to a budget. Do you want a koi pond, but can you afford one? Gardening books and helpful experts can recommend inexpensive landscaping options that can boost curb appeal while not draining your bank account. The most important time-tested characteristic is aesthetics. Having plants and yard schemes seamlessly blend gives a yard a sense of cohesive, well thought out positive energy.
  2. There is always the option to do-it-yourself. If you want to watch your budget, consider planning your own plants, but saving the manual-dwelling labor for more experienced professionals, such as Utah landscaping companies.
  3. Freebies are a great find. In fact, some cities give away free mulch supplies from spring limb trimmings. Additionally, starting a compost mulch bin is a great way to recycle veggies, cardboard, grass clippings and pruning limbs. This also adds valuable nutrients to the soil, including attracting good insects.
  4. We all know the trick to shop offseason for certain clothes and landscaping is no exception. Just like with apparel, supply and demand dictates prices. Look for clearance plants that are perennials, as they will return year after year and cost a pittance of what they would at full price.
  5. Buying in bulk is an excellent idea, especially if someone is looking for large quantities of bulbs and plants. For example, tulips cost approximately $0.45 each in quantities of 25; however, if you increase the quantity to 100, the price drops to approximately $0.30 each. Large “fields” of bulbs look best, providing much needed astonishing color.
  6. Native plants offer some of the best landscaping features, as once they are well-established they will greatly decrease any irrigation and watering bills. Additionally, native plants have naturally evolved to accommodate local pests, climate extremes and diseases, making them extra hearty.
  7. Knowing when to splurge on key landscaping features is important. If you want a nice patio, a fishpond or an exotic-style garden, save your budgeting funds for those features and save money in other areas. Patios and decks are simply an extension of any indoor area, giving people a feeling of adding an outdoor room for entertaining and dining.
  8. Well executed landscaping can boost curb appeal, actually getting more potential buyers in the door. In that sense, it can increase a home’s value; however, homeowners rarely get back what they put into landscaping – especially if they incorporate specialized, expensive features.
  9. In order to accomplish tasks in a timelier manner, consider the divide and conquer strategy. Do some of the work and hire a professional to complete tasks that are more difficult. Working together means you will save money and your yard will look in tip-top spring shape in no time.
  10. With landscaping maintenance is vital, as this will keep a yard looking beautiful year-round, save money and provides a peaceful outdoor retreat for homeowners.

Whether a homeowner is looking to install a Utah retaining wall, shrubs, water features or pavers, the experts at All States Landscaping offer excellent guidance and advice.